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Alternative Credit Options: How to Sign Up

How to Sign Up

Only the equivalent courses listed on the Office of Degree Acceleration website should be used when determining which alternative credit courses to take. The courses listed on the alternative credit course providers' website may not always be up to date.

If you need assistance with these steps, please contact your Student Success Advisor. If you are a Tempo student, please contact your academic coach.
  1. Determine your needed Walden course.

​​For example, do you need PSYC 1001? An arts/humanities general education course?​

  1. Find the corresponding alternative credit course.
    • ​Check the alternative credit course provider chart on the Office of Degree Acceleration website to see which provider course equates to your needed Walden course.
    • For example, “PSY 1010” at Straighterline will equate to Walden’s PSYC 1001 course. Sophia’s “Approaches to Studying Religions” course equates to a Walden arts/humanities general education requirement.
  2. Complete the Letter of Permission form.
    • ​If you are an enrolled student, complete the Letter of Permission form and send to for prior approval (or to your academic coach if you are a Tempo student). This will ensure you are signing up for the appropriate course that will transfer into your program once you take and pass the course.
    • If you are not yet enrolled and want to work on a course prior to official enrollment, Admissions will not be able to provide prior approval based on the Letter of Permission form. However, you can still work on an alternative credit course if you are certain you will not end up having any transfer credits come in for that specific course. Please connect with your Enrollment Specialist regarding this process and what is suggested to take. 
  3. Sign up for the alternative credit course.​

​You will go to the alternative credit course provider website directly to sign up and pay any cost associate with the course.

  1. ​Complete the alternative credit course.

​​Work hard! 

  1. Submit transcript to Walden.
    • ​​Submit a request with the alternative credit course provider for an official transcript to be sent to
    • Also notify your Student Success Advisor, as the request will need to be manually processed by them. If you are a Tempo student, notify your academic coach.


Submit the Letter of Permission form to Student Success Advising for approval. If you are a Tempo student, submit the form to your academic coach.