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Transfer Credit: Overview

Transfer Credit

Walden University provides opportunities for undergraduate students to have credits transferred into their program directly from previous academic institutions and professional certifications and trainings. 

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Students may transfer in a maximum of 135 quarter credits toward completion of a Walden Undergraduate degree program. The 135 external quarter credit maximum can be met via traditional course transfer or a combination of traditional course transfer and prior learning credit. 

Students may be able to transfer credit in through the following routes.

Previous College Credit

During the enrollment process, students will work with an Enrollment Specialist to have prior academic transcripts reviewed for possible transfer credit. After the enrollment period, students can contact the Office of Degree Acceleration or Student Success Advising to have previously unreviewed academic credit evaluated by the Admissions department.

Certifications / Trainings

Walden currently has articulations with many professional certifications and training experiences. Please click here for a current list. If students hold a certification or have what is believed to be college-level training that is not on this list, students can contact the Office of Degree Acceleration to have it reviewed. 

Agreements with Other Institutions / Organizations

Students who come in with completed coursework from certain partner institutions may be able to transfer credits into their program of study. Please click here for a current list of these agreements.

Military Experience

Students with previous military experience may be eligible to have this training and coursework transferred in. Military students can submit ACE-reviewed transcripts (click here for more information) or direct military transcripts.