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Credit by Examination Opportunities: DSST


DANTES Subject Standardized Tests (DSST)

  • DSST exams are formerly known as the DANTES Program and are administered by Prometric. DSST exams test college level knowledge at both the lower and upper college level in a variety of areas.
  • Students must achieve a minimum grade of C on a DSST exam to receive credit for a course.
  • Walden will award one course per DSST exam passed.
  • The cost of these exams is the responsibility of the student.
  • Additional information regarding resources, test prep materials, and funding for eligible military families can be found on the DSST website.


NOTE: All exams noted below can also count towards lower level elective credits or upper level elective credits if the Walden course equate is upper level.

Walden Course DSST Exam Name
MATH 1040: College Algebra Fundamentals of College Algebra
NASC 1001: Environmental Science Environment and Humanity: The Race to Save the Planet
PHIL 2001: Ethics Ethics in America
RELG 2001: World Religions Introduction to World Religions
ACCT 1004S: Fundamentals of Accounting Principles of Financial Accounting
BUSI 1002: Introduction to Management Introduction to Business
ITEC 1010: IT Infrastructure Computing and Information Technology OR Management Information Systems
ITEC 1005: The Profession and Practice of Information Technology Computing and Information Technology
ITEC 3020: Computer Security Fundamentals*  Fundamentals of Cybersecurity
EDUC 1001: Introduction to Education Fundamentals of Education
FNCE 3001: Financial Management* Principles of Finance
HRMG 3001: Human Resource Management* Human Resource Management
PSYC 3002: Introduction to Basic Statistics* Principles of Statistics
STAT 2001: Statistics Principles of Statistics
STAT 2002: Business Statistics Principles of Statistics
STAT 3001: Statistical Methods and Applications* Principles of Statistics
STAT 3401: Statistical Concepts* Principles of Statistics

*If a 3000-level course is awarded in the elective section it will be counted as upper level.