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Accelerate Into Master's: Accelerate Into Master's

Accelerate Into Master's

The Accelerate Into Masters program provides high-achieving, Walden undergraduate students an opportunity to take master's level courses within their bachelor's degree program.  


  • Save time by taking up to 5 master’s-level courses in the place of  up to 5 undergraduate courses, during your undergraduate program.  
  • Save money as, the AIM Master’s level course(or courses) are charged at the current undergraduate tuition rate
  • Graduate sooner in your master's program, as most students can graduate 2-12 months sooner than a traditional model


  • Overall GPA equal to that required for admission to the associated master's degree.
  • Completed a minimum of 90 credits and any specific core requirements associated with their bachelor's program listed below.
  • Be in good financial standing.
  • Not have any incompletes.
  • Students must receive at least an A or B in all AIM courses to continue in the program.  Note: However, if a student receives a lower passing grade the credit is still counted towards the bachelor's requirements.