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Undergraduate: General Program Tips

General Program Tips

Do I need to initiate registration for my courses?

Yes. The Undergraduate program requires students to initiate registration each quarter. 

Can I change my specialization or add a second one?

Yes. Please send your advisor an email with the specialization you’re interested in, and we can request a pre-evaluation for you (like the Preliminary Program of Study you received when you were first admitted) to show you what the curriculum would look like (as well as preview whether any Transfer Credit would apply to the new specialization). You can also add a second concentration if you would like, but it may add courses to your overall program requirement and is generally not recommended. 

Who can I talk to about licensing questions related to my program?

All of Walden's undergraduate programs are accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC). Licensing is typically handled on a state-by-state basis and students interested in licensing should contact their state's authority regarding licensing.

What happens if I fail a course?

If a student fails a course that is required for their program they will be placed on academic warning. Undergraduate students have 3 attempts to try and pass a required course, including the first time students took the course. If you fail the same course 3 times you will face academic dismissal. Discussing your situation with your advisor is extremely important because there may be additional resources available to help you succeed academically. For more information about this policy please visit our Academic Progress section.

Are there any assessments I have to pass before moving forward in my program?

In your first course (HMNT 1001) you will have a Math assessment course. This can help guide you in math courses to select to help prepare you for your required math course, but be sure to schedule an appointment with your advisor to discuss this, as every student is different.

Do I need to purchase my own books?

Students in the undergraduate program are required to purchase their own textbooks. For more information about how to locate the list of books required for your course please view our directions on the book ordering process.