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Sharing of Sensitive Information

Site supervisors do not have access to the academic records of field experience students. Site supervisors are encouraged to maintain a copy of all documents completed by students and themselves for their records as well as for the field site. You will be asked to sign a FERPA Release Form with your practicum and internship applications in case it is necessary for Walden to share FERPA-protected information with the field site. The sharing of protected information is done on a limited, as-needed basis.

Field experience students are required to share counseling experiences in the practicum and internship courses. However, when sharing your experiences with other students, you must not share names or other identifying information about the clients you serve. You can share some demographic information, such as sex, age, diagnosis, and race/ethnicity.

Site supervisors can discuss issues regarding students’ progress with the faculty supervisor, academic coordinator, and/or director. The site supervisor, faculty supervisor, academic coordinator, and/or director of field experience may talk about your work with a specific client (e.g., the site supervisor may converse with the faculty supervisor to discuss your skills and/or professional development) but not about any details of the client’s name, address, and/or demographic information that may lead to the specific identification of the client.