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Field Site Requirements

You are encouraged to complete both practicum and internship field experiences at the same site and/or within the same organization whenever possible. Your field site will need to offer an experience that meets the requirements of your program, as described in Section 3. There are not, however, field experience requirements specific to program specializations. For example, an addiction counseling setting would not meet the program requirements for a Clinical Mental Health Counseling student.

Field sites must

  • Have a current affiliation agreement with Walden that specifically includes your program. If an agreement is not already on file, the SOC-OFE will work with your chosen field site to establish one after you submit your application (see Affiliation Agreements);
  • Offer adequate space for you to see clients (see TMH and in-home policies);
  • Have clients to assign to students (you should not solicit your own clients); and
  • Allow you to record sessions (see Recording and Alternative Assignment Policy).

Note: School counseling students must complete field experience in a pre-K–12 school setting.