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School Counseling Direct vs. Indirect Hours Guide




Student Individual Counseling Session

Direct: School/Guidance Counseling

Delivery of counseling services to an individual student.

Crisis Counseling

Direct: Other

Provision of counseling services to students, families, or school personnel in response to an emergency or significant event. School counselors provide short-term counseling and appropriate referral to outside sources, when necessary.

Group Counseling

Direct: Group Counseling

Facilitation of group counseling with students on various academic, personal-social, and career topics.

Student Peer Program Services Delivery

Direct: School/Guidance Counseling

Facilitation of peer programs, such as peer mentoring, while engaging with a student. If student is not present, this is Indirect.

Student Advising or Analysis

Direct: School/Guidance Counseling

Planning individually or with multiple students; actions may include goal setting, career/college guidance, etc., which may involve analyzing skills, achievements, etc.

Active Consultation

Indirect: Other Indirect/Administrative Hours

Actively engaging with administrators, teachers, parents, mental health professionals, community members, etc. to support a student’s growth, wellness, performance, etc.

Observing Consultation

Indirect: Other Indirect/Administrative Hours

Attending support meetings with administrators, teachers, parents, mental health professionals, etc., but not actively engaging in interactions.

Classroom Guidance

Direct: School/Guidance Counseling

Teaching/delivering material to a classroom to advance academic, personal-social, or career counseling program action plans.

Counseling Program Action Plan Services

Direct: School/Guidance Counseling

Implementing counseling program goals by engaging in service delivery, such as implementing career days, college meet-and-greets, etc.

Counseling Program Action Plan Preparation and Analysis

Indirect: Other Indirect/Administrative Hours

Activities to support counseling goals that are not engaging of students/stakeholders, such as lesson planning, program planning, data collection, data analysis, etc.

Teacher or Parent Training

Indirect: Other Indirect/Administrative Hours

Providing instruction/feedback to teachers, paraprofessionals, student family members, etc. to support academic, personal-social, or career-related counseling goals.

Task Meeting Attendance

Indirect: Other Indirect/Administrative Hours

Receipt/observance of material, discussions, meetings, or trainings to support the school, such as school safety, school improvement team initiatives. in which the counselor does not actively engage.



Supervision (various forms)

Triadic or individual supervision by the site supervisor, group supervision provided by Walden University instructor, etc.

Clinical Observation

Indirect: Other Indirect/Administrative Hours

Inactive observations for data collection, such as ABC chart information, behavioral frequency counts, etc.

Test administration or Test Monitoring

Indirect: Other Indirect/Administrative Hours

Activities that typically should fall outside of the role of a school counselor but are often required by individual districts.

Professional Development

Indirect: Other Indirect/Administrative Hours

Activities to advance knowledge or skills related to counseling services—reading books about specific interventions, attending conferences or trainings, etc.