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SOC-OFE Masters Students: Group Counseling Hours

Group Counseling Hours

Per CACREP, Section 3, E., “students must lead or co-lead a counseling or psychoeducational group.”

Per Walden’s Field Experience Manual, and with regards to your direct hours during Internship “At least 10 of these direct hours must be accumulated in facilitation or co-facilitation of group counseling relevant to the program of study.”

Many sites utilize group counseling on a regular basis and students have an opportunity to earn hours even beyond the 10 that are required. For students who are not at such a site, we encourage you to consult with your site supervisor to generate ideas to assist you in meeting this requirement. Some possibilities to consider:

  • Offer to begin a group. This is a tremendous learning opportunity for students and a solution used often. Consider the community and population you and your site are serving. Consider what need a group counseling format could meet. Offer to meet that need through a group counseling format.
    • Social skills and assertiveness for adolescents
    • Parenting tools for single parents
    • Coping skills to adjust to recent life stressors
    • Grief process group for seniors
    • Career exploration group for students
  • Keep in mind that satellite offices of the main site are still considered the site and are acceptable for earning hours as long as your site supervisor or a designee is on location. Similarly, school counseling students may engage in group counseling hours at a different building within your district as long as your site supervisor or a designee is on location.
    • You must confirm with your field site that any alternative location you might work with is covered by their affiliation agreement with Walden.
  • Consider a secondary site for the purpose of group hours. Many students add a secondary site during one or both quarters of internship for the purpose of group counseling hours. A site that utilizes group counseling on a regular basis is often open to having a student intern co-lead. Keep in mind this will require an additional site supervisor and application process.
  • As a reminder, as long as telehealth is an approvable option, group counseling can be done remotely.
  • Finally, rely on your site supervisor to define what is and is not considered a counseling or psychoeducational group.