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SOC-OFE Frequently Asked Questions: Securing a Field Site

I need help securing a field site. What do I do?

Use the Site Search Resources on the SOC-OFE website.

If you feel you have exhausted these resources and still do not have a site secured, please refer to the SOC-OFE website for information about requesting further assistance. 

I am a few quarters out from field experience. What can I do now to make the process easier?

First, make sure that you are familiar with the field experience requirements of your program. Then you can begin to research and contact potential field sites. You can even make a request that we begin work on establishing an affiliation agreement with a prospective field site before you apply. See Request an Affiliation Agreement Prior to Application for details.

Pay it forward! This can also help some of your peer find placements.

Where can I find help with interviewing?

Career Planning and Development has excellent resources in this area.

Where can I find help with my resume/cover letter?

Career Planning and Development has excellent resources in this area.

My site has questions I cannot answer. What do I do?

Email us with your site’s contact information (email and/or phone number) and information about their questions. We'll be happy to contact the site.

My site says they need a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)/Affiliation Agreement. What do I do?

Affiliation agreements are required by Walden University for all field experiences. The SOC-OFE will contact your field site upon receipt of your field experience application to request a new agreement, if we do not already have a current agreement on file with the site.

If your site has their own agreement that they prefer to use, or if they need to make revisions to Walden's standard agreement, this will need to be approved by Walden’s Central Office of Field Experience (COFE). Contact the SOC-OFE so that we can connect your site with a COFE contract administrator to begin contract negotiations. Please note that reviews of this nature can take several weeks to months.

Do I need to provide the Field Site Affiliation Agreement to my site?

No, the SOC-OFE will reach out to the site contact you provide on your Meditrek application to initiate an affiliation agreement with the field site. Please make sure that the contact information you provide on your application is correct.

Can I complete my field experience at my place of employment?

Possibly. See the Field Experience Manual for policies about completing a field experience at your place of employment.

Can I do my practicum and internship at the same site?

Yes. In fact, we encourage you to work with the same site for both practicum and internship, unless specific state requirements dictate otherwise. 

Can I participate in home-based counseling?

Yes, counseling masters' students* can provide home-based services to clients for internship only and doctoral students can provide home-based services for both doctoral practicum and doctoral internship. See the Field Experience Manual for details:

Masters Students

Doctoral Students

*MS in School Counseling students cannot be approved for in-home counseling.

Do I need to be the supervisor of record for the interns that I supervise?

No, you do not need to be the supervisor of record. If you are not licensed, you may need supervision while providing supervision and so cannot be listed as the supervisor or record.