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SOC-OFE Frequently Asked Questions: Field Experience Eligibility and Requirements

What are the prerequisites for field experience?

You must successfully complete all core coursework, in accordance with your Program of Study, as well as all Residency/Pre-Practicum requirements, prior to starting practicum. Practicum must be completed prior to the start of Internship.

What if I am not able to attend Residencies/Pre-Practica prior to enrollment in field experience?

All prerequisites, including Residencies/Pre-Practica must be completed satisfactorily prior to enrollment in field experience. There are no exceptions to this.

My degree audit shows that I need to complete a master's level field experience, but I don't think this is accurate. What should I do? (PhD-CES students only)

Your Program of Study is determined by the Admissions department when you are enrolled. If you think there is an error in your Program of Study/Degree Audit, contact Student Success Advising.

Does my weekly supervision with my site supervisor need to be face-to-face?

Yes, it is Walden policy that all supervision at the site be face-to-face (in-person or via videoconference) with your approved primary site supervisor.

Does a supervisor need to be present to observe during the direct client contact hours? My potential site supervisor said that she will not be present for those hours, only for the weekly supervision.

The counseling programs do not require the supervisor to observe every session. However, it is required that the Walden-approved site supervisor or site-approved designee is on site while you are completing direct client hours.

How do I manage practicum in a state where the requirements exceed the CACREP requirements of 100 hours (or where the internship requirements exceed 600 hours)?

You should attempt to earn the hours needed according to the state requirement in one quarter for practicum, and two quarters for internship. If you are unable to do so, you will need to add an additional quarter of practicum or internship to your program of study by requesting the addition of the State Education Specialization to your program. You will need to remain in the practicum or internship course for an additional quarter and pay for the course. 

How many hours do I need to accrue during each quarter of Internship?

There is no specific number of hours a student must attain for Internship I; the 600 hours required are cumulative over 2 quarters (or additional, if you extend Internship).

Can my extra practicum hours be applied to the internship? Can I begin my internship hours during the practicum quarter if I finish early?

You are not able to apply additional direct counseling hours or professional service hours to the hours for the internship. Additionally, you must be enrolled in internship before you can begin accumulating hours for internship.

*Starting in the Spring of 2020, Walden has temporarily approved students to count extra direct practicum hours toward internship due to extra flexibility granted by CACREP due to COVID-19. See the SOC-OFE website for current information about field experience exceptions and accommodations related to COVID-19.

I want to log a lot of hours during the summer when I am not teaching and fewer in the fall when I have to go back to work. Are there guidelines around an arrangement such as that one?

You can log your hours as you choose as long as you are registered in a field experience course. However, you must be participating at your field experience site and receiving the required weekly supervision throughout the duration of enrollment in the field experience courses. If the bulk of hours are completed early in enrollment, you should maintain one or two clients throughout the duration of the field experience to ensure that you are able to meet course and supervision requirements.