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SOC-OFE Frequently Asked Questions: Enrollment in Field Experience

What are some of the common mistakes / errors a student could make that might cause them to be unsuccessful in field experience?

  • Termination from field experience by the site;
  • Missing weekly site supervision and/or weekly faculty group supervision;
  • Completing the audio/video recording assignment with someone other than a client without advance permission from faculty; and
  • Not following policies outlined in the Field Experience Manual.

Can some of the indirect client contact hours be done at home (such as paperwork) or do I need to remain at the site for those hours?

Due to ethical issues, such as confidentiality, paperwork should be completed at the site. Research on evidence-based practices and/or treatment can be done at home. 

Can I accrue hours in the break weeks between Practicum and Internship I? Between Internship I and Internship II?

What are the required course materials for the field experience courses?

See your course syllabus for required course materials.

Can a student take time off during field experience?

Not during a given quarter. Students are required to participate at their field sites continuously throughout each entire term they are enrolled in Field Experience. Students may take leaves of absence between quarters of Field Experience in accordance with University policies and processes.

What happens if I earn a U in a field experience course due to earning less than 80% for coursework?

Contact the SOC-OFE to request to be enrolled in the course again. Please note, if you will work with a new site/site supervisor when you repeat the course, you will need to submit a new application within the published application submission windows.

Do my hours count if I withdraw from or earn a U for a field experience course?

No, your hours will not count if you do not satisfactorily complete the course.

If you have extenuating circumstances which you feel warrant an exception to this policy, you can submit a petition to have your situation reviewed.

I was terminated from my field site/I have decided to leave my field site. What do I do?

Contact the SOC-OFE and your course instructor. You will be connected with a Field Experience Academic Coordinator who will gather information from you and your field in order to determine next steps. 

My site supervisor is changing. What do I do?

Where do I record "banked" hours from my doctoral internship plan on my Meditrek time log?

  • Residency/Pre-Practicum (40 hours) – Other Pro. Dev. Activities
  • COUN 8135 (15 hours) – CESSup
  • COUN 8895/8896 (52 hours) – Will be recorded along with your other internship hours.