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SOC-OFE Masters Students - Field Experience Manual: Conflicts During Field Experience

Conflicts During Field Experience

Field experience students are required to contact their practicum/internship course instructor as soon as possible if they experience an issue or problem during the field experience. The instructor will document the concern on the Student Dispositional and Skills Concern Form and contact the site supervisor to discuss the matter and attempt to resolve the problem. Upon resolution, the instructor will document the problem and the resolution. The instructor will collaboratively develop a plan for resolution with the site supervisor and disseminate the plan via email for the student to review. All parties will be copied on the email (student, site supervisor, SOC-OFE academic coordinator). The student will review the plan and confirm acceptance by responding to the email (“I agree”).

A copy of the plan will also be forwarded to the SOC-OFE. Upon completion of the plan, the instructor will confer with the site supervisor and the student to affirm that the plan has been fulfilled.

If the problem or issue is unable to be resolved in this manner, the course instructor should consult with the field experience academic coordinators and director for direction on next steps. The SOC-OFE academic coordinator will work directly with the student, instructor, and site supervisor to identify an alternative plan to address the concern. Documentation of meetings, incident reports, and supporting materials will be maintained by all involved parties.

The director of field experience reserves the right to remove a student from a site or otherwise rescind approval of a site or site supervisor if it is determined that the student is unable to meet the program requirements or if personal and/or professional conflicts at the site warrant this action.

For additional information see For additional information see Student Support and Development in Appendix B.

Conflicts With Code of Ethics

The counseling masters’ programs require students to adhere to the highest professional ethical standards identified by the ACA. If an ethical dilemma should arise at the field experience site, students should contact their practicum/internship course instructor. The instructor will work with the student to determine how to address the dilemma. The instructor, student, and director of field experience or designee will discuss the proposed strategy to address the ethical dilemma and communicate with the site supervisor. Upon resolving the dilemma, the strategy should be documented in writing.

A Strike Situation at the Field Experience Site

In the event a strike situation occurs at a field experience site, students are required to contact their practicum/internship course instructor as soon as possible. If the strike continues for longer than 1 week, students should discuss the course requirements and the attainment of supervised hours as well as the possible continuation or discontinuation of the field experience with their instructor and/or field experience academic coordinator. The instructor or coordinator will help students determine the best strategy to fulfill the program requirements.