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SOC-OFE Masters Students - Field Experience Manual: Evaluating Student Competency

Evaluating Student Competency

Students enrolled in field experience courses are regularly assessed for skill and professional development to ensure that they are progressing in a developmentally appropriate way. The assessment process includes both formal assessments completed by site supervisors (i.e., Mid-Quarter Evaluation and End of Quarter Evaluation of Student) and faculty members (i.e., End of Quarter Evaluation of Student) as well as regular, informal assessment of skills and professionalism (e.g., supervision videoconference calls, recordings, live observations, work samples, classroom engagement).

When it is determined that a field experience student is demonstrating a skill-based need or a comportment concern, a formal skills plan or development plan will be instituted to support the student. SDPs and skills plans are developed in consultation with the student development coordinator and skills coordinator for the counseling programs, as well as the student’s program director, if warranted.

  • Students needing a skills and/or development plan will work directly with the appropriate coordinator(s) to determine the needs and create the formal support plan and to complete the identified plan assignments.
  • Progression to future field experience courses or graduation is contingent upon successful completion of the required support plan(s). Students will be halted in their progression of field experience until the support plan(s) are completed.

For additional information regarding the role of the skills development and student development processes in field experience, see Appendix B.