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SOC-OFE Masters Students - Field Experience Manual: Field Experience at Place of Employment

Field Experience at Place of Employment

According to CACREP, students are allowed to complete a field experience (practicum and/or internship) in their current place of employment. There are two distinct means by which students may complete their field experience at their work site:

  1. The exact employment position is used to fulfill the field experience requirements. In order to use this option, all of the following must be true:
    1. The employment position must be a master's level counseling position.
    2. The student must demonstrate how the proposed field experience is different from their previous work in the position (e.g., applying a new theoretical orientation, using a new modality of counseling).
    3. The agency, as the student’s employer, shall be responsible for any actions that may arise out of or in connection with performance of any duties by the student during the field experience.
    4. The student’s work supervisor must also serve as the field experience site supervisor, excepting organizational structures that prevent this, or the employment supervisor is not a counseling professional (e.g., if a principal or superintendent is the employment supervisor of a school counselor, another qualified person can serve as the field experience supervisor).
    5. The site supervisor and the student must complete the Multiple Relationships: Manager as Supervisor training and acknowledge in the field experience application that they agree to abide by the associated policies and recommendations.
  2. The employment position is completely separate from the field experience, including:
    1. The field experience duties and tasks must be clearly focused on providing a new learning experience for the student.
    2. The workspace for the field experience must be located in a different department/unit from where the student currently works or has previously worked.
    3. The site supervisor must not be the same person who supervises the student in any other situation either currently or in the past.
    4. The field experience and employment positions must occur during completely separate working hours, and the hours must be documented.
    5. The student must work with different clients as an employee from those they work with as a field experience student.
    6. The field experience duties and tasks must be significantly different from current or previous employment activities performed by the student at the site.

The student and the site supervisor are responsible for outlining the role of the student as a practicum student/intern as it differs from the student as an employee of the organization.

For additional details on the procedures for applying for field experiences with the student’s place of employment, see the SOC-OFE website.

Important notes:

  • Students who hold senior leadership positions may not be approved to complete a field experience at the site due to potential conflict between their roles as employee and student.
  • Students will be required to submit a current job description if they are using their exact employment position to fulfill field experience requirements.