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SOC-OFE Masters Students - Field Experience Manual: Site Search Resources

Site Search Resources

Walden University uses its best effort to assist students in locating appropriate field experience sites. As students are in the best position to identify an appropriate field experience site that meets their particular learning objectives and location, students are responsible for locating and securing their field placement(s). The SOC-OFE does provide a variety of resources for students on the SOC-OFE website, including:

  • Field Experience Student Checklist that includes the actions recommended for students to take throughout the program to ensure success in finding a field site.
  • Marketing Yourself for Counseling Field Experience Opportunities webinar
  • Internet resources to generate ideas for possible field sites
  • Useful information to provide to prospective field sites
  • Curriculum vita (CV)/resume and portfolio guidance and resources
  • Link to Walden’s Career Planning and Development office
  • Database of current Walden University affiliation agreements in Meditrek

Assistance With Securing a Field Site

In the event students have difficulty in securing an appropriate field site, the SOC-OFE has supports available to assist them. Information about the support process is available on the SOC-OFE website under “Site Search Resources.”

If students feel they have utilized the resources provided on the SOC-OFE website, and have still not been able to secure a field site, additional targeted support is available. Students who feel they need additional support to secure site may contact the SOC-OFE ( to request additional assistance. Students are required to complete the Field Experience Site Contact Record (available on the SOC-OFE website) to demonstrate their outreach efforts. Students must be able to demonstrate that they have made at least three good faith attempts to contact someone at each of at least 10 sites  prior to contacting the SOC-OFE to request additional support in securing a field site.

Important note: Inability to locate an appropriate site and/or site supervisor will not result in an alteration or extension of any university deadlines.