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Capstone Documents:
Prospectus Quick Links

Prospectus Content and Evaluation

Content guidance for the prospectus is included in guidebooks and checklists, while the quality standards used to evaluate the prospectus are in the program-specific prospectus rubrics on Walden’s Center for Research Quality (CRQ) website.

Prospectus Preformatted Writing Templates

Write your prospectus in the appropriate capstone writing template for your program.

Writing Support

Visit the Walden Writing Center’s Doctoral Capstone Form and Style Page for the capstone Preproposal Starter Kit, SMRT guides, APA guidance, and more!You can even make a paper review appointment to get writing feedback on your prospectus draft.

Library Support

If you need help researching your problem, broadening or narrowing your topic, or searching the literature, visit the Walden Library pages: Decide on a Topic, Choosing Your Topic, or schedule a Library appointment, which allows you to have a one-on-one session with a librarian in your subject area to brainstorm and develop effective research strategies for your capstone.You may also wish to bookmark the Library’s Guide to Capstone Literature Reviews which will help as you collect your literature.

Methodology Support for Students

Make a one-on-one doctoral research appointment with a CRQ statistics tutor for assistance with data analysis, SPSS, or interpretation of results. Attend Quantitative or Qualitative Methodology Office Hours with questions related to research methodology (e.g., research design, collecting data, analyzing data, writing up results).

Research Design Alignment Resources

Check out the Doctoral Capstone Research Resource and create your Research Design Alignment Table, found on the Research Planning and Writing webpage..

MyDR Resourcesfor Students

Prospectus Self-Check on Partner Site Masking

The default for Walden capstones is to mask the identity of the partner organization. The methodological and ethical reasons for this practice as well as criteria for exceptions are outlined in Guidance on Masking Partner Organizations in Walden Capstones.

Need More Extensive Assistance?

In the Walden Center for Academic Excellence (CAEX) capstone courses, workshops, and seminars the goal is to promote students’ scholarly skill development primarily using course-based instruction in support of their academic degree program.  Start with the Preproposal Workshop, and be sure to read what students say about it!

Prospectus Quick Links by Prospectus Section Headings

Problem Statement


Significance (Positive Social Change)

Background (Literature)

Framework (Conceptual or Theoretical)

Research Question(s) and Hypotheses (if applicable)

Nature of the Study

Possible Types and Sources of Data

Limitations, Challenges, and/or Barriers


Self-Evaluate Your Prospectus


Social Media

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