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Capstone Documents:
DBA Capstone: Portfolio Project Options

Qualitative Program Evaluation

Site/partnership agreement required. Student will select organization. Will use logic model framework. Useful to research studies for evaluating business organization’s programs as it relates to the expected organizational outcomes. Includes primary data collection, semistructured interviews and secondary data collection, corroborating private or public documents. May only analyze existing data and conduct audio-recorded work-related interviews about low-risk aspects of the interviewees’ professional roles and perspectives. Are not permitted to conduct focus groups, conduct observations, create video recordings, interview anyone outside of adult workers.

Qualitative Portfolio Capstone Started Before October 30, 2023
Qualitative Portfolio Capstone Started On or After October 30, 2023

Quantitative Secondary Data Analysis

No site/partnership agreement required. There are practical benefits to using secondary data in your research. Time - Because you can obtain the data more easily, you are able to start analyses and interpretation quickly following IRB approval. Costs - Because you save time and do not have the costs of conducting primary research, you save money. Access to participant data - You can access large data samples that you could not collect as an individual. Generalizability of results - You may be able to obtain a large sample with data on groups of individuals you could not otherwise access in a homogenous population. Ethical considerations - Because you do not have contact with participants, you do not have to be concerned with the research affecting the participants’ mental or physical well being. (You do, however, have an obligation to read the available documentation on the data to ensure that the participants in the original study were treated in an ethical manner. May collect only secondary data involving existing data/records.

Quantitative Secondary Data Analysis Started Before October 30, 2023
Quantitative Secondary Data Analysis Started On or After October 30, 2023

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