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Capstone Documents:
DNP Capstone Resources NURS 8702 and NURS 8703

Doctor of Nursing Program Capstone Resources NURS 8702 and NURS 8703


Welcome to the DNP Project Website for students enrolled in NURS 8702 or NURS 8703. This site is for students using the updated DNP project management process to complete their DNP Project. You must be enrolled in NURS 8702 or NURS 8703 to use the processes described on this site.


Step-by-Step Process to Completing Your DNP Project

1. Review DNP Project Process Guide and DNP Practicum Manual

2. During NURS 8302: Leading Organizations for Quality Improvement Initiatives

Preparation for project planning will begin during the clinical component of NURS 8302. Using the project management process outlined in the Project Process Guide and in the steps below, you will use a variety of checklist and forms to complete the project. Review the checklists below to identify the best approach for the project site’s gap in practice or practice change. You may also review the appendices in Dang, D., Dearholt, S., Bissett, K., Ascenzi, J., &Whalen, M.  (2022). Johns Hopkins evidence-based practice: Model and guidelines (4th ed.). Sigma.

Staff Education Program

Clinical Practice Guideline Development

Evaluation of a Quality Improvement Initiative

3. DNP Committee Request and Enrollment in DNP Project Classroom – NURS 8702/8703.

In NURS 8302, you will complete the Doctoral Committee Request form. After successful completion of NURS 8302, you will be notified about your faculty advisor and committee member and registered in your NURS 8702, DNP Project Mentoring classroom or NURS 8703, Project Completion classroom.

  • When enrolled in NURS 8702, start working with your faculty advisor on your DNP project
  • Use the Writing Center Resources (Grammarly, webinars, paper reviews, etc.)
  • Use the Walden Library Resources (Doctoral research appointments, webinars, subscription databases, Ask a Librarian service)
  • For questions about the Doctoral Committee Matching form, contact [email protected]
  • For questions about enrollment in NURS 8702 8703, contact Student Success Advising [email protected]

4. Phase 1 Design

    • Step 1: Faculty Advisor: during week 1 of NURS 8702, meet with the faculty advisor to review the requirements for the project.
    • Step 2: Term Plan
      • Complete the term plan and submit to project course classroom by day 7 of week 1 of the course
    • Step 3: Team Meeting
      • Set up a meeting with the organization representative, and faculty advisor to clearly identify the practice problem and goal(s) to be achieved. Identify project mentor and any additional stakeholders. Discuss strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats related to the project. Present site approval for signatures. Complete minutes of the meeting using the site approval minutes template.


Submit the completed forms to assess organization and stakeholders to the classroom

Have the site approval signed by the organization leader, project mentor, and faculty advisor:

    • Step 4: Approvals
      • MY DR: Upload and submit the completed site approval for committee and program director review once the faculty advisor confirms in the classroom that the site approval is ready for a formal rubric review.
    • Step 6: Evidence Search
      • Complete a rigorous review of evidence. Review Appendix D, Evidence Level and Quality Guide, which will be used to grade the evidence. Your faculty advisor may request that you utilize the appraisal tools below as you review the evidence for your project.
      • Upon completion of the evidence review submit the following documents into the classroom for faculty advisor approval.


4. Phase 2: Plan

    1. Step 1
      • Develop the core documents and submit to classroom for faculty advisor review
    • Use the Work Breakdown Structure or the GANTT chart (see textbooks: White 209-216; Sipes 86-88)
    • Review approved action plan with project mentor. Submit minutes of the meeting to the classroom.
      • MYDR: When satisfied that the project planning documents (question development tool, individual evidence summary, synthesis process and recommendations tool, action plan, and GANTT chart) meet university criteria outlined in the Action plan checklist and DNP minimum standards rubric, the faculty advisor will authorize the student to submit the documents  to the committee for review. This review will document the faculty advisor and committee member’s endorsement of the documents. Instructions on how to place documents in a zip file are found in the DNP Project Process Guide.
  • Step 2
  • Work with the faculty advisor and project mentor to schedule a final action plan review meeting with all stakeholders. The goal of this meeting is to ensure that everyone is on the same page before the DNP Project moves forward to implementation. You may present at the site or virtually and must include the faculty advisor via a teleconference scheduled on Teams using the conference call request form. Requests should be made one (1) week in advance of your meeting with your committee.
  • Step 3
    1. Following approval of the Final Action Plan Review in MyDR by your faculty advisor, complete the online ethics pledge
    2. When confirmation of your completion of the online ethics pledge has been received from [email protected], you may begin Phase 3. Meet with the faculty advisor to review your final action plan prior to implementation at the partner site.




5. Phase 3: Implement

Meet with project mentor to review your action planning tool and make any adjustments. Submit minutes of this meeting to project course Confirm with faculty advisor. Implementation plans must follow the guidelines set forth in the appropriate DNP Project Checklist.

6. Phase 4: Monitor/Measure

  • Review the work plan on a regular basis to determine how the DNP Project is progressing in terms of timeline. Submit minutes of any meetings with project mentor to the project course. Revise Gantt chart as needed. 

7. Phase 5: Close/Project Evaluation

  • Complete project evaluation using the metrics identified during the planning process. The student will set up a meeting with the faculty advisor and project mentor to debrief and discuss results. The team will discuss the format for the final dissemination of results. 
  • The student will complete any materials needed for the final presentation to the stakeholders and submit into the project course for faculty advisor review. Upon faculty advisor approval, the student will share materials with the project mentor.
  • Select the template below that aligns with your DNP project. Complete the draft of the executive summary in the appropriate template and submit the executive summary draft and checklist into the project course for faculty review.
  • MYDR: When satisfied that the executive summary meets university criteria outlined in the DNP executive summary checklist, the faculty advisor authorizes the student to submit the executive summary and checklist to the committee for the monitor committee review.
  • Upon approval from the committee, the executive summary will be forwarded to Form & Style Editors for review. Upon completion of Form & Style Review, the student may schedule the final presentation to stakeholders. 
  • F&S resources:
  • Remember to check for any feedback and revisions from Form & Style.
  • Complete all recommended editing changes and provide clean edited copy to the faculty advisor to review before uploading to the final committee rubric analysis.
  • Questions? [email protected].

8. Phase 6: Disseminate


Work with the faculty advisor and project mentor to schedule the close out review and  presentation with all stakeholders.  Confirm the most appropriate method(s) of presenting the close out review and project presentation. All materials must be approved by the faculty advisor and project mentor. You may present at the site or virtually and must include the faculty advisor via a teleconference scheduled on Teams using the conference call request form. Requests should be made one (1) week in advance of your meeting with your committee.


9. Once the project advisor has approved your final dissemination you will receive an e-mail to upload your final executive summary into Taskstream. Submit the final executive summary to Taskstream for committee review.

  • Once approved by the committee, the faculty advisor will upload the final executive summary for CAO approval.

CAO provides feedback and requests for revision or approves. Student completes revisions and resubmits as needed. CAO approval must be obtained in order for student to complete all program requirements.

Abstract Resources

Questions? [email protected].

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