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Capstone Documents:
Doctoral Prospectus Form

Doctoral Prospectus Form Resource Page

The Doctoral Prospectus Form is an updated and intuitive format for students to use when completing the doctoral prospectus, and for faculty to use to provide formative feedback and summative assessments.  Students should check with their Committee Chair to make sure they are eligible to use the form.


This all-in-one prospectus form provides

  • Step-by-step checklist directions,
  • detailed content guidance with examples in the appendix,
  • research design alignment content and support,
  • links to key resources to support completion, and
  • the prospectus rubric standards …all presented in a fillable form that allows for faculty feedback and comments.


This one document serves the purpose of prospectus guidebooks, checklists, rubrics, and prospectus writing templates. The form should be used as a working document between the student and committee; therefore, iterations should be documented. The form will be completed by students, submitted to their committee members for formative assessments, and then uploaded into MyDR for formal rubric evaluation by the committee and the PD Designee Reviewer. A clean copy of the prospectus form should be sent for PD Designee review only when the committee members have reviewed it and any revisions requested have been made by the student.


The prospectus stage is critical to student success on the doctoral capstone or project. This is the stage in which students, while working closely with their committee members, must develop feasible, aligned, discipline-specific plans for proposal development. The prospectus form fits this purpose and allows for clear-cut assessment of the prospectus quality rubric standards.


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Students: Please contact your doctoral committee chair.

Faculty: Contact

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