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PhD in Education: Overview


Welcome to the PhD in Education dissertation process.  You are embarking on an adventure where you will be transformed from thinking like a student to thinking like a PhD.  Writing a dissertation requires a different set of skills from anything you have done thus far in your educational experience.  You will work closely with your committee members in an iterative process to research and write your dissertation.  We wish you success.

On this page you will find links to documents that may answer some of the questions you have about the dissertation process.  Each college may have minor differences in policies and procedures, so this is where you can come to get education questions answered.  

The dissertation is a scholarly document intended to demonstrate your research competence to produce new knowledge in your field.  It is written in the formal language and style of its discipline or field of study, and it results from a comprehensive, logical, and ethical investigation into a topic of interest.  It will include five chapters:

  • Chapter 1— Overview of the Research Study
  • Chapter 2—Literature review and Theoretical or Conceptual Framework
  • Chapter 3—Research Methodology
  • Chapter 4—Findings
  • Chapter 5—Summary, Conclusions, and Implications

Please explore this site to find answers to frequently asked questions!

PhD Dissertation Process and Documents

Dissertation Supervisory Committee

Premise and Prospectus Development and Evaluations

Dissertation Development and Evaluation

Dissertation Checklists

Dissertation Rubrics

Dissertation examples

On the following links you will find examples of dissertations and dissertation sections with comment balloons sharing some of the strengths of the studies.   Each dissertation is unique, but these examples of dissertations can be used if you have questions about what to include in each part based on the requirements of the Checklist.  

  • Chapter 1
  • Chapter 2
  • Chapter 3
  • IRB Applications
  • Chapter 4
  • Chapter 5