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Faculty and students can click on the following links to learn more about their specific engagement in the MyDR system:

Faculty MyDR 

Student MyDR

Please note that students and faculty will not have access to the MyDR link until the program has migrated to the MyDR system, and the student has an active committee. 

The My Doctoral Research system is designed to assist you and your committee in navigating your doctoral research journey. The MyDR system landing pages will track your progress and serve as a central location for resources to support that progress. Many resources can be found on the Center for Research Quality and the Writing Center websites. Please preview each of these websites to become acquainted with their content. The TaskStream element of the MyDR system will be used to establish a process flow tool in which you exchange and store faculty evaluations and feedback of your work as you progress along that journey.

MyDR System Overview

It is important to recognize that each new step in the doctoral research journey builds upon the last step; therefore, it is crucial that your work in each step in the MyDR process flow be submitted only after the previous step has been successfully completed. Attempting to “jump ahead” of the current step in the process flow, for example by submitting work to future stages in the sequence, will result in the need for administrative team members to return premature submissions which will cause unnecessary delays to your progress. Please refer to the MyDR system training materials, FAQ document and contact resources lif you have specific questions regarding navigating the MyDR system.