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Springshare Standards: Universal Standards

Springshare Systems

These standards ensure compliance to web accessibility requirements, web design and instructional best practices, and consistency of content built in Springshare products.  The applicable products are:

  • LibAnswers (Quick Answers)

  • LibCal

  • LibGuides

  • LibWizard

This style guide only applies to standards that are consistent across all platforms.  There are additional style guides for the LibAnswers (Quick Answers) and the LibGuide platforms.

In addition, each department may have additional style standards.

Video Standards


Additional Resources

Citing Outside Materials

It is important to properly cite any outside resources (non-Walden/non-Laureate) used in online content.  Be sure to give credit to any sources of information that do not originate with Laureate or Walden. 

  • Screenshots do not need a citation.  

  • All citations must be in APA format.  


Examples of things that may need a citation:

  • Links to books, articles, dissertations, etc.

  • Links to non-Walden websites (for tech support, for example).

  • Links to non-Walden videos (for tech support, for example.)

Walden Proprietary Information

Before you re-use Walden proprietary information on a public site, you must obtain permission from the content owner.

Finding the line between what is and is not Walden proprietary information can be challenging.  Here are some general guidelines:

If the information—including images, screenshots, and media—is posted on any public Walden website, it can be used.  Some examples of public Walden websites are:




Content from the myWalden portal and classroom is less clear.  Always check with the content owner before putting classroom or myWalden content in publicly accessible content.

Content Management can help you find the content owner.