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About Content Management: Overview

Department Description

Content Management provides student and faculty websites to Walden departments. We design websites, provide webmaster services, and develop policies and procedures to ensure content is accessible, accurate, and secure. We also provide data analytics on website performance.

Walden departments can also receive support in communication technologies such as Office 365.


Help academic centers and units manage their information.

Three-year Plan

The initial three-year plan focuses on content creation, maintenance, and assessment.

Year One: Lay a foundation

  • Develop tools and procedures necessary for content assessment
  • Create basic content workflow
  • Develop data collection and reporting tools
  • Update editorial and design tools (style guide, editorial guide, etc.)
  • Inventory all content
  • ADA compliance
  • Assess current level of ADA compliance
  • Develop plan to bring content into compliance
  • Resolve critical ADA issues

Year Two: Assess content, processes, and system architecture

  • Is the content workflow efficient and does it produce content of the desired quality?
  • How good should the content be (good enough, great, the best ever made)?
  • How much does the content workflow cost the company?
  • Is the workflow a good use of stakeholder’s time?
  • Where are the blockages?
  • Where are the pain points?
  • Is the content effective?
  • Identify success goals for pieces of content and for websites
  • Measure content to see if it meets success goals
  • Is content accurate, readable, and aligned with style and editorial guides?
  • Is content reviewed and archived?
  • Are websites effective?
  • Do sites meet the needs of the site owner and the site user?
  • Is the navigation clear and intuitive?
  • Are sites easy to use?
  • Do sites reinforce the institutional and departmental brands?
  • Are sites ADA compliant?

Year Three: Continuous Improvement

  • Develop and put in place resolutions for issues discovered in year two