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Widgets: Quick Answer Widget


Quick Answers provides a number of widgets you can use to embed QA content in other systems. 

The widgets include:

  • search boxes

  • individual questions

  • topic lists

  • FAQ lists

Springshare Help

Add Widget to LibGuides

Once the Quick Answers widget is created in LibAnswers, add it to LibGuides using the LibAnswers Widget content item.

Adding Quick Answer Widgets to LibGuides


Search Boxes

The search box widget allows you to embed a QA search box anywhere you can add javascript.

There is a default search box for each department, pre-coded with the appropriate look and feel. 

The widgets are titled QA Website Search: <department name>.

If you need a different search box, contact the Content Management director for assistance.

Embedded Answers

You can embed an individual answer anywhere you can put HTML code. 

Note: You cannot modify the embedded answer in any way.


Embedded Answer Widgets

By default, the embedded Quick Answer includes the question and answer headings, the topics, and a dividing line between the question and answer.  These elements can easily be hidden with HTML code (provided below).



Default embedded answer in Quick Answers:


Embedded answer with headings, question, topics, and line hidden:

Pop-up Answer

There are two options for embedding an answer, topic list, or FAQ list with a button. 

  • pop-up button on the page
  • slide-out button on the side of the screen


Pop-up button


Slide-out button

See button on the right edge of the webpage.

HTML Code to Hide Embedded Answer Elements

You can hide various pieces of the embedded answer by adding HTML to the Custom CSS box in the Create a Widget page.

The code to hide common items is below.  If you would like to hide a different part of the answer, contact the Content Management director for assistance.


 Element  Code to hide element
question header div.s-la-widget-header h1 {
    display: none;
topic list div.s-la-faq-listing-meta.s-la-faq-listing-topics {
    display: none;
last updated, topics, views div.s-la-faq-listing-meta {
    display: none;
answer header div.s-la-faq-answer h2 {
    display: none;
line dividing question and answer strong span span {
    display: none;