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YouTube: YouTube Players

YouTube Embedded Player Parameters

YouTube Documentation


Embedding Standards

  • default player with related videos hidden

All videos must include captions and transcripts.  See the captions and transcripts section for more information.

Embed Code

The only modification to the default YouTube player is to hide the related videos feature.  This feature overlays related video thumbnails on the embedded video whenever it is paused or stopped, and we do not want the related video thumbnails to show. 

The code that modifies the related video feature is rel=0; highlighted in the code below.

Use this code to create embed your videos. Replace "XXXX" with the video ID (found in the video URL).

<iframe allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="315" width="560" title="YouTube Video" src="" ></iframe>


Video ID

Video Player Size

The only requirement for the video player size is that it is consistent within a page. If you want to highlight a video on a page by making it larger than others, that is OK.

The default YouTube player size is 560 x 315.  If you want to make the default larger or smaller, use the following video sizes.  Examples of the different sizes follow. 

Note: The video player does not resize the height on phones and tablets. If you use a large video player, on a phone the video will be very tall.  Resize this browser window to phone size to see the impact on the examples below.  We are working on code for a responsive player that will automatically resize for phones and tablets.

Recommended video sizes

  • 854x480: fills entire column on standard guide layout

  • 640x360

  • 560 x 315: YouTube default

  • 426x240