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YouTube is the preferred video hosting platform for LibGuides and LibAnswers for the following reasons:

  • ADA compliant

  • familiar to staff and end users

  • easy to use

  • mobile friendly

Please review this YouTube documentation for standards and best practices.

Embed individual videos and playlists in LibGuides

Embed YouTube videos as a Media/Widget asset, rather than adding the code to the rich text.  This allows you to:

  • reuse the video elsewhere in LibGuides

  • update the video everywhere at once

YouTube Privacy Settings


  • will show up on YouTube and search engine searches (Google, Bing, etc.)

  • can embed 


  • will not show up YouTube and search engine searches

  • cannot embed

  • viewable by permission only (via YouTube account)


  • will not show up YouTube and search engine searches

  • can embed

  • viewable by anyone with the link

YouTube Features

YouTube Video Editor

YouTube has a basic video editor included in the Video Manager.

Video Thumbnails

Video thumbnails let viewers see a quick snapshot of your video as they're browsing YouTube. After your video is finished uploading, you can choose a thumbnail from the three options YouTube automatically generates — just select the thumbnail you want to use and click Save changes.


Add video cards to a video to point viewers to a specific URL (from a list of eligible sites) and show customized images, titles, and calls to action.