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Reports: LibGuides: Page Views


There are a number of ways to pull statistics on guide content.  Basic guide and page views are easily found in LibGuides.

The LibGuides stats do not count views by anyone logged in to LibGuides.  If you are editing a guide, for example, your views will not count.

Pull guide views

To pull guide views from LibgGuides:

1.  Log into LibGuides.

2.  Click the Statistics link in the orange tool bar.

3.  Click the Guides tab.

4.  Select the appropriate group or guide.

Note: The groups are listed first, then the individual guides.  

5.  Select Daily or Monthly as desired.

6.  Enter date range.

7.  Click Run Report.  Wait.  It may take some time to run the report.


Once the report runs, you can copy, print, export, or open it in a PDF.

Click on a Guide Name to see the views for the pagess within the guide.