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Graduate Writing Courses

Graduate Writing Courses

Video published on June 20, 2019

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Last updated 6/21/2019


Audio: Instrumental music

Visual: Animated video narrated by Emily Dahlen, Office of Academic Support Program Director.

Audio: Emily Dahlen: “I’m unsure how to use information from sources in an argument.”

“I’ve been told I don’t write in a scholarly manner.”

“I find it difficult to read and synthesize research articles.”

“I’m not confident in my writing abilities, and that gets in the way of my success in courses.”

If one or more of these statements apply to you, and you are a master’s or doctoral student, consider enrolling in a course in our Graduate Writing series.

In Graduate Writing I: Basic Composition Skills (SKIL 6055/6056) you work on understanding the important points of a journal article by developing the skills of reading comprehension, summary, and paraphrasing. The course spans 6 weeks.

Graduate Writing II: Intermediate Composition Skill (SKIL 6060/6066) builds on that foundation by asking you to now form an argument based on what you have read. Skills covered in this 6-week course include critical reading, analysis, and paragraph organization.

In Graduate Writing III: Advanced Composition Skills (SKIL 6070/6071) you expand your view from just one article to three and compose a literature review synthesizing information from those sources. In addition to synthesis, course topics include paper organization and advanced APA style. Graduate Writing III is 8 weeks long.

Through these courses, you both gain confidence in your voice and develop the skills necessary for articulating your message as a scholar.

To register for an upcoming term, contact your Student Success Advisor at


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