Revising and Editing the Methods Section Workshop: CAEX 8040/8045

SKIL 8040/8045:
Revising and Editing the Methods Section




Testimonial 2

"I loved this workshop. I was exactly what I needed to pull me out of my writer's block and get me moving again. I only wish I would have taken the previous two workshops!"



"Highly recommend these workshops for all dissertation students."



"The course is well organized. Students can focus on topics they find challenging in their writing. Students also have the opportunity to apply the instructor's comments in the revisions. Moreover, discussions and writing assignments involve concrete work or applications that relate to the proposal or actual work. That last trait made the course more meaningful to me. I was able to revise various sections of my draft and integrate the feedback I received from the instructor, my peers, my Chair, as well as apply the knowledge I gained in this course."