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SKIL 3100/3101:
Skills for Academic Integrity for
Graduate Students

Skills for Academic Integrity for Graduate students is designed to help you improve your APA style, quoting, paraphrasing, and citing.

NOTE: This course is for Master's and Doctoral students only. 


$200 + applicable taxes and/or fees

Course Information

Course Description

In this 4-week course, students study Walden’s policy on academic integrity and apply strategies to ensure academic integrity in their work. The course is designed to help graduate students recognize and avoid violations of academic integrity. In a supportive environment, students practice the techniques needed to ensure academic integrity, including paraphrasing, quoting, avoiding misuse of previously written material, managing time, and using plagiarism-detection software to screen for originality.

Course Outcomes
  • Explain Walden’s fundamental value of academic integrity and its importance
  • Articulate Walden’s Code of Conduct for academic integrity
  • Use in-text citations, direct quotes, and paraphrasing as a means to write with integrity
  • Recognize situations that may result in plagiarism
  • Demonstrate how APA style and available resources can be used to properly give credit
  • Apply strategies for avoiding situations that may result in unintentional academic integrity policy violations
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Frequently Asked Questions

How much time can I expect to spend on a SKIL course?

Most SKIL courses are 1.5 quarter credits and 1 semester credit. Therefore, according to Walden’s Credit Hour Guidelines, you should expect to spend 42 total hours on SKIL coursework. This translates to 10.5 hours per week for 4-week courses, 7 hours per week for 6-week courses, and 5.25 hours per week for 8-week courses. Note that these numbers are only an estimate, as the actual time spent depends largely on the student and their specific abilities and needs.

Are there any required texts for SKIL courses or workshops?

Most of our courses and workshops require the 7th edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (i.e., APA manual). This is the only text we require; other learning resources are built into the classroom.

How are SKIL Courses Graded?

SKIL courses, seminars, and workshops are graded on the S (Satisfactory) / U (Unsatisfactory) system. Grades in SKIL courses do appear on your transcript, but the grades do not impact your Grade Point Average (GPA).


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