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CAEX 6065/6066: Graduate Writing II

SKIL 6065/6066: Graduate Writing II

Video published on June 20, 2019

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Last updated 6/21/2019


Audio: Instrumental music

Visual: Animated video narrated by Emily Dahlen, Office of Academic Support Program Director.

Audio: Emily Dahlen: Are you a master’s or doctoral student who’d like practice in forming an academic argument? Do you struggle with writing cohesive paragraphs Would you like peer support and instructor feedback on your writing?

Graduate Writing II: Intermediate Composition Skills (SKIL 6065/6066) helps you build the skills necessary for evaluating and responding to the academic conversation. Topics covered include

  • critical reading and analysis,
  • paragraph organization,
  • APA citation, and
  • revision and editing.

This 6-week course follows Graduate Writing I and is structured in a similar manner, with Discussions, Workshop Assignments, and Feedback Assignments.

In Discussions, you develop and refine a 1-paragraph academic argument that contains a main idea, evidence, analysis, and a lead-out.

Weeks 2 through 5 include a Workshop Assignment, in which you share with your instructor 1 page of a current draft of writing for another course or a previously submitted assignment or discussion. As such, you learn to apply the writing skills you’re gaining and understand the importance of revision. Workshop Assignments are due on Day 2.

In Feedback Assignments, you record the writing feedback you’ve received and reflect on your skill progress. Feedback Assignments are due on Day 7.

Overall, through these activities, Graduate Writing II gives you the space and tools to develop your own unique voice and perspective as a scholarly writer.

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