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CAEX 6070/6071: Graduate Writing III

SKIL 6070/6071: Graduate Writing III

Video published on June 20, 2019

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Last updated 6/21/2019


Audio: Instrumental music

Visual: Animated video narrated by Emily Dahlen, Office of Academic Support Program Director.

Audio: Emily Dahlen: Are you a master’s or doctoral student who would like to strengthen your synthesis skills? Are you unsure how to integrate and cite multiple sources in a paragraph? Would you like practice in giving and receiving writing feedback?

Graduate Writing III: Advanced Composition Skills (SKIL 6070/6071), the final course in the Graduate Writing series, provides instruction in surveying the literature on a topic of interest, creating a thematic outline, and composing a small-scale literature review. Skills covered in this 8-week course are

  • organization,
  • synthesis,
  • revision, and
  • application of advanced APA guidelines.

In Discussions, you practice the writing topic for the week and reflect on any challenges you have encountered. Discussions are meant to be a place not only for practicing skills but for supporting others, solving problems, and offering feedback.

Then in Assignments, you take what you have learned in Discussion and apply it to the development of your literature review. Each week adds a step to the literature review process, from initial idea generating to gathering and reading articles to outlining and to synthesizing and organizing and finally to revising. The final product is a literature review incorporating information from three research articles.

This approach is meant to mimic the process you will go through when writing longer literature reviews in coursework or as part of your capstone study. By practicing on this smaller scale, you can better understand the process and expectations.

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