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Our Mission

The mission of the Walden Writing Center’s faculty support is to provide personalized training, advice, and resources that assist Walden faculty members in effectively communicating scholarly writing guidance to their students, which supports improved student and faculty experience, progress to degree completion, and development of strong scholar-practitioners.  

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  • A monthly e-mail for faculty is available by contacting Amber Cook. See the updates to the right of this column for the most current message. Archived updates are here.
  • A weekly newsletter, with upcoming webinars and a writing resource and tip of the week, is available by contacting our webinar coordinator at This newsletter is primarily student-facing, but many faculty members subscribe and use it to copy and paste relevant tips into their classrooms.

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February 2018 Updates for Faculty

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  • Third time's the charm! At least, that's what the research indicates. Students who make three or more writing appointments per term showed statistically significant gains in grades, persistence, and retention (Irvin, 2014) and even gains in intrinsic motivation and locus of control (Robinson, as cited in Irvin, 2014). As a new quarter begins, please encourage your students to make three or more appointments in the quarter to improve in their writing skills and embrace writing as an iterative process that contributes greatly to their academic success. Writing appointments for paper reviews are made through our myPASS scheduling system and can be made up to 2 weeks in advance. Students can learn more about our paper review service on the Writing Center's website. Please encourage your students to plan ahead, work toward their own writing progress, and invest in their writing skills.  

Reference: Irvin, L. (2014). “What a difference three tutoring sessions make: Early reports of efficacy from a young writing center.” The Writing Lab Newsletter, 39 (1-2), 1-5. Retrieved from

  • Have you discovered the helpful search feature on the CFE Faculty Resources site? When you type keywords into the search box on the top right of the page, the site will return webpage results as well as results from Faculty Answers. Faculty Answers (like the student-facing Quick Answers) contains prepopulated answers to frequently asked faculty questions. The Writing Center alone has 84 FAQs in the database. Give it a try soon!
  • You may notice that the Writing Center website now refers to two offices within our center: The Office of Writing Instruction and the Office of Academic Editing. These names formalize the two teams that have always existed within the Writing Center, with one (Office of Writing Instruction) focusing on helping students develop their writing skills during coursework, and the other (Office of Academic Editing) on working with students who are completing their doctoral capstone documents. The services and faces have not changed--only the names.
  • Faculty Webinars: We have a great selection of faculty webinars coming up in the next few months. We hope you’ll join us, but if you can’t make it to the live session, please register anyway! We’ll include you on the list to receive a recording and other follow-up materials.
  • Bookmark This: Faculty can request course visits from Writing Center staff members, who will embed in a course discussion board to share resources and answer questions. February is often a quiet month, so this is a great time to make a request for your preferred week! See this link for more information:
  • Cut-and-Paste Announcement: One of our most helpful student webinars, Building and Organizing Academic Arguments, is coming up later this month. Use this announcement to alert your students to this opportunity to better understand the concepts and processes of academic argument:

As a scholar, the purpose of your writing is to create an argument for the reader to consider. The Walden Writing Center is offering a webinar to help you construct an academic argument and present it through your writing, with a focus on thesis statements, organization, using evidence, and paraphrasing. Date: Wednesday, February 21 from 7 to 8:00 p.m. Eastern Register here.

  • Writing Tip of the Month: Many students struggle to integrate research in their writing. They often neglect to properly synthesize, adequately credit their sources, or maintain their own authorial voice. Our material on Using Evidence is a good starting place for students acquiring these skills.

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Request a Writing Center speaker for a faculty meeting

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Welcome to the Writing Center Toolbox for Faculty! I'm Amber Cook, the Writing Center's Associate Director of Faculty Outreach and Support. In this role, I receive frequent questions and requests from faculty who need strategies to help support Walden writers. This toolbox contains resources developed by the Writing Center for this purpose, along with resources developed by your fellow faculty members. Can't find what you need? Want to request a resource? Contact me any time at