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Our Mission

The mission of the Walden Writing Center’s faculty support is to provide personalized training, advice, and resources that assist Walden faculty members in effectively communicating scholarly writing guidance to their students, which supports improved student and faculty experience, progress to degree completion, and development of strong scholar-practitioners.  

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  • A monthly e-mail for faculty is available by contacting Amber Cook. See the updates to the right of this column for the most current message. Archived updates are here.
  • A weekly newsletter, with upcoming webinars and a writing resource and tip of the week, is available by contacting our webinar coordinator at This newsletter is primarily student-facing, but many faculty members subscribe and use it to copy and paste relevant tips into their classrooms.

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June 2018 Updates for Faculty

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National Faculty Meeting: Arrange a Writing Center Visit for Your College or Program

  • As agendas for college and program meetings begin to take shape for the July National Faculty Meeting, consider making some space for a short visit from the Writing Center. The Minneapolis location has made it possible for our full leadership team to attend, so we will have experts in all of our services available to answer questions, demonstrate resources, or provide presentations tailored to the needs of your faculty. Feel free to pass this along to anyone else in your college who might be planning for the event, and let me know if you have questions!

Paraphrase Generators

  • Some of you have noticed students making use of paraphrase generators, online tools that swap in synonyms to existing text in an attempt to avoid plagiarism. As you may imagine, use of this sort of tool is not recommended, as it results in text that is difficult to read and that doesn’t use the principles of good paraphrasing. See our Writing Center blog post on paraphrase generators for more information.

Toolbox Upgrades Coming Soon

  • The Writing Center Toolbox for Faculty is undergoing renovation and migration to a faculty-only platform. When the changes are published, the links will change, and old links will redirect to the new site. If you have links to areas of the Toolbox in your bookmarks, files, or faculty training, be on the lookout for these changes and consider updating the links. Feel free to connect with me ( if you have trouble locating anything once the site is upgraded.

Faculty Webinars

  • We hope you’ll join us at these faculty webinars from the Writing Center, but if you can’t make it to the live session, register anyway! We’ll include you on the list to receive a recording and other follow-up materials.

Bookmark This: Course Visits

Cut-and-Paste Announcement: Form and Style Website

  • This month’s announcement for students introduces them to the Doctoral Capstone Form and Style site, which centralizes all of the Writing Center’s resources for capstone writers:

Students writing [doctoral capstones/dissertations] can now access all of the Writing Center’s capstone resources on one site: Doctoral Capstone Form and Style. This site contains templates, checklists, advice, and access to other resources to assist you. It also includes access to the Walden Capstone Writing Community, which hosts live reviews, writer hangouts, editor round tables, and more.

Writing Tip of the Month: Learning to Paraphrase

  • Learning to paraphrase effectively can be difficult for many writers, who must learn to balance research, analysis, and argument construction. (It is this difficulty that often drives writers to use the generators mentioned above.) The Writing Center’s pages on paraphrasing offer concrete strategies for paraphrasing well, followed by examples. Also note that the bottom of this page contains links to our accessible, engaging blog posts on paraphrasing topics.


Welcome to the Writing Center Toolbox for Faculty! I'm Amber Cook, the Writing Center's Associate Director of Faculty Outreach and Support. In this role, I receive frequent questions and requests from faculty who need strategies to help support Walden writers. This toolbox contains resources developed by the Writing Center for this purpose, along with resources developed by your fellow faculty members. Can't find what you need? Want to request a resource? Contact me any time at