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Faculty Development: Faculty Writing and Publishing

Help for Your Own Writing

Our services for faculty are focused on supporting your work with Walden students. We also get requests from faculty who would like help with their own writing projects, such as articles for publication. Below, you’ll find some resources that can help.

Faculty Prepublication and Grant Proposal Edits

Faculty Prepublication Edits is a cooperative service that Writing Center editors offer to core, full time, and contributing faculty members. These edits are focused on grammar, punctuation, spelling, and line editing as well as voice, cohesion and flow, clarity in presentation, and other aspects of writing as specified by the faculty member. The goal of these edits is to serve not only as an editor, but as a second reader to provide prepublication revisions and suggestions. These edits are intended for journal articles, trade publications, white papers, and other short documents. This service is not intended for books or book chapters (based on editor capacity).

Faculty Grant Proposal Edits is also an option for Walden faculty with a similar goal in mind. Though focused on a presubmission grant proposal, editors will review the document in the same manner (grammar, punctuation, and spelling line editing as well as voice, cohesion and flow, clarity in presentation, and other aspects of writing as specified by the faculty member).

Walden editors maintain confidentiality of materials and ideas, recognizing that information we edit is the intellectual property of the author.  Though, for editing purposes, it is sometimes necessary to share parts or a whole document with another editor or managing editor (e.g., to discuss clarification of an APA rule or a second read through an edit), no documents or information will be shared outside the Walden editing team. Walden editors will store original and completed documents for a period of 6 months, after which all files will be deleted from our hard drive. Because files are e-mailed over the Walden server, they may still be recoverable through Walden IT processes. Because it is Walden policy to store all deleted e-mails, Walden editors have no control over this ability or function.

Faculty Prepublication and Grant Proposal Edits request procedures:

  1. The faculty member should e-mail Kelly Chermack, Managing Editor, in the Writing Center
    2. Include Prepublication Edit or Grant Proposal Edit in the subject line
    3. Complete and return the application form (see below) and the document to be edited.
  2. Kelly will assign an editor, based on a queue of editors, and reply to the faculty member, cc-ing the assigned editor (with the document attached).
  3. The editor will complete the review of the manuscript or grant proposal within 14 days (the same as Form and Style) and return the document to the faculty member via e-mail.

Resources on Writing for Publication

We created the resources here in collaboration with the Center for Research Quality, with both a student and faculty audience in mind. They offer advice and resources to help with the many steps in the publication process. You'll find information about research dissemination and planning, along with information about Walden publishing opportunities.

Grammar-Checking Programs

Microsoft (MS) Word contains many useful tools to aid in error detection and revision. See the Academic Skills Center's help with MS Word Editing Tools to brush up on ways to maximize these resources. The web-based application Grammarly can also be useful to help you identify sentence-level errors that MS Word may not catch. When you copy a draft of your writing to Grammarly, you will receive immediate instructional feedback on over 100 points of grammar. When you visit the Grammarly site through the links provided here, register as a student, using your Walden e-mail address. (Our university account covers anyone--student, staff, or faculty--with a address.)

Publication Opportunities

The Center for Research Quality houses information about internal and external opportunities for research and research-related activities conducted by Walden faculty and students. Information about publishing within Walden’s own academic journals can be found here.

Walden’s institutional repository of scholarly and creative work, ScholarWorks, is an open-access site hosting Walden dissertations, articles from Walden’s five journals, research papers, and other works by members of the Walden community. If you submit your work to ScholarWorks, you can share your work with your colleagues, colleges, publishers, or other professional organizations using a stable, unique URL, and receive author reports detailing how often your work is viewed and downloaded. The Library is currently soliciting faculty and staff scholarship. If you have questions after browsing the site, contact