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Dissertation/Doctoral Study Faculty: Chapter Edits

Chapter Edits by Faculty Request

Faculty members are now able to submit chapters or sections of a student’s capstone manuscript for a 1-hour review by a Walden University Writing Center Form and Style Editor. Students and faculty can expect to receive edits to a chapter or section with track changes, revisions, and suggestions, similar to what they receive in a form and style review. Editors will focus on APA, grammar, academic voice, and Walden’s institutional preferences. Manuscripts will be edited on a first come, first served basis. Though we may not fully complete a chapter or section, we will spend 1 hour of our time reviewing the selection sent to us by a chair.

This service is for students whose progress is impeded specifically because of their writing, or for those faculty who have exhausted their own resources for facilitating the writing of a capstone manuscript. This is not for students who are making regular progress, who are looking for a one-time review for minor APA revisions, or for students who need help with content or methodological issues. Students who have a good grasp of their topic and content, but are struggling with APA formatting, scholarly voice, or other grammar and writing-related issues, are good candidates for this service.

To qualify, students must have a completed and approved prospectus. We will accept any chapters/sections, or portions thereof, from the proposal or final document. Chairs/students will be allowed a maximum of four reviews during the student’s path to graduation in this capstone stage. To have a manuscript reviewed, complete the application below and submit it, along with a copy of the student’s manuscript, to You can also direct any questions to this account.

Walden’s Form and Style Editors

Note: If your students need support beyond the Writing Center’s chapter edits, you can refer them to the Academic Skills Center’s Doctoral Proposal Revision Workshops. These workshops benefit students who have a working draft of their proposal and who need help polishing the document through revising and editing. For more information about this service, see the Resources for Dissertation/Doctoral Study Writers page.