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Tips & Tools: Services by Request

What Can the Writing Center Do for You?

See below for a list of resources and services you can request from the Writing Center. For more information or to request the services below, contact Amber Cook.

For information and a request form for course visits, see the Course Visits page.

Request a Presenter for Your Faculty Meeting

Writing Center staff members are available to speak at your next faculty meeting! We can present information and answer questions on any writing or Writing Center topics your group would like. To request a presenter at your faculty meeting, please complete this brief request form.

Chapter Edits

Faculty members may submit chapters or sections of a student’s capstone manuscript for a 1-hour review by a Walden University Writing Center Form and Style Editor. This service is for students whose progress is impeded specifically because of their writing,  not for students who looking for a one-time review for minor APA revisions or who need help with content or methodological issues. To qualify, students must have a completed and approved prospectus. See the chapter edits page for more information.

Help With Writing Issues Within Blackboard

Faculty members are often the first to notice broken links or incorrect writing or Writing Center information within your courses. If you do notice an outdated or broken Writing Center link or other writing-related issues in your course, please let us know! Simply fill out this quick Course Writing Issue Form, and Sarah Prince, our Manager of Writing Across the Curriculum, will work with you and all other necessary parties to resolve the issue.

Resources for Specific Students (Faculty Referral Form)

If you are working with a student with particular writing challenges and would like advice about the best resources for that student, we are happy to put together recommendations for you.

Fill out this brief faculty referral form ( with specifics, and we will send you an e-mail full of resources for your student.

Requests for Website Materials

Have you been searching the Writing Center website for a resource and not finding what you need? We're happy to work with you to locate an existing resource or develop one that meets your or your students' needs. Please complete our Resource Request form, and we'll be in touch with you shortly with next steps.


Review of Classroom Materials

Course leads who are part of revisions to courses can contact the Writing Center for advice on APA or writing details included in those revisions. Instructors who use their own sample papers or classroom aids can also consult us for clarifications on those areas. Finally, if you plan to use a Writing Center resource for a course, please let us know so that we can connect about any future changes to that resource.

Writing Center Data

We are committed to privacy in our student interactions, so we cannot offer detailed information about individual student use of the Writing Center. We can, however, discuss college or program trends, such as numbers of students who receive paper reviews or attend webinars, or information about Form and Style review quality patterns.