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Welcome to the ASC Faculty page!

My name is Shawn Picht. I am the Manager of Faculty Support for the Academic Skills Center (ASC).

If you have any comments or questions, please email me at:

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Get the latest news update from the Academic Skills Center (ASC) for February 2017!

I've included two copy and paste announcements with February's Faculty Newsletter. The first announces the Spring Quarter term start where all 6 Doctoral Writing Workshops are available! The second focuses on our weekly Statistics Group Drop-in Sessions offered on Saturdays at 10am EST and Sundays at 2pm EST. Have your students join today be emailing

Announcement here:

Thank you for your support in helping the ASC grow.




Video: Welcome to the Academic Skills Center!

Got 5 minutes and 40 seconds? Then click below to watch our amazing Introduction to the Academic Skills Center video! And learn more about what we do at the ASC.