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Tips & Tools: Course Visits

Course Visits

The Walden Writing Center offers course visits by faculty request. Faculty members can choose from two types of course visits, synchronous and asynchronous, based on course goals and their students’ learning styles. The goal of course visits is to introduce students to useful Writing Center services and to answer questions about those services as well as writing in general.

In an asynchronous course visit, a Writing Center Instructor will join the class for a week by posting to the discussion board. In their posts, instructors will facilitate topic-driven writing discussions, provide corresponding Writing Center resources, and answer students’ writing questions each day. To ensure a successful visit, faculty will select writing topics they’d like the Writing Instructor to address, announce the instructor’s visit to students, and encourage students to participate in the week-long discussion. The benefit of this type of visit is that students can access the material at their convenience, and they will have the staff member’s input for a full week.

In a synchronous course visit, a Writing Center staff member will present on faculty-selected writing topics, provide information on Writing Center resources, and answer questions during a live meeting via Adobe Connect. The faculty member will need to identify the best time for a session and be present during that session to answer any student questions about course content. The benefit of this type of visit is that students will have a multimedia experience, hearing the staff member’s voice and seeing screen sharing images during the session.

[Note: Synchronous visits are available for undergraduate and graduate course visits only.]

Policies to keep in mind:

  • The request must be made by the course's instructor, rather than by a student, coordinator, or program director.
  • We may only able to accommodate one course visit (synchronous or asynchronous) per instructor per term.
  • If requesting a visit for multiple sections of a course, each section must have its own course visit request form.
  • If requesting an asynchronous visit, the week for which you request the visit must have a designated discussion area.
  • We need at least one week's notice to arrange a course visit.
  • Instructors will select from three types of visits:
    • Undergraduate Course Visits: Undergraduate visits are suitable for students taking undergraduate-level courses. Discussions in these visits will provide a brief introduction to Writing Center resources and address faculty-selected writing topics.  
    • Graduate Course Visits: Graduate visits are suitable for those students working on coursework that is not part of the capstone process. Discussions in these visits will provide a brief introduction to Writing Center resources and address faculty-selected writing topics.  
    • Preproposal Course Visits: Preproposal visits are suitable for those students in courses currently engaged in the premise and/or prospectus writing process. During the week, the Writing Center representative will highlight resources specifically geared to the preproposal writer.

To request a Writing Center course visit, please fill out the Course Visit Request form.

Hour With an Editor

Hour with an Editor is a service that the Office of Academic Editing provides to faculty, upon request, to connect with their capstone (proposal and beyond) students in a 1-hour, live meeting. This service is specific to faculty who are mentoring students, aimed at providing information for working on a specific, requested area of writing the proposal or final study. The editor will present via conference call, Skype, Adobe Connect, or another virtual venue, as provided by the faculty member. The editor will present for roughly 30-40 minutes, leaving 20-30 minutes for questions. Some examples of possible topics are literature review organization and strategies, APA for the capstone, scholarly voice, or preparing for the Form and Style Review.

Hour with an Editor request procedures:

  1. The faculty member should e-mail Kelly Chermack, Managing Editor, in the Writing Center
    2. Include Hour with an Editor in the subject line
    3. Include completed request form (see Word document below).
  2. Kelly will assign an editor and reply to the faculty member, cc-ing the assigned editor (with the application form attached)
  3. The editor will communicate with the faculty member to determine a workable date and time that meets the schedules of the faculty member (and student group), as well as the editor.
    1. NOTE: Many faculty members have regular, weekly calls with students. We will make every effort to accommodate this date and time as much as we can; however, we request that faculty also be amenable to scheduling at another time.
    2. The faculty member will provide the conference line or other venue for the meeting.
  4. Once the presentation has occurred, the editor will send a follow-up message to the faculty member, attaching any presentation documents and a survey.