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Conduct: Professional Conduct

All Walden University students are expected to remain in good academic standing throughout their studies in accordance with university requirements. However, there are situations where students may be in satisfactory academic standing but exhibit behaviors that bring into question their capacity as professionals. This is especially true in programs where comportment is directly tied to behavioral dispositions defined by the professional field. Therefore, all Walden students should familiarize themselves with the university’s general guidelines for professional conduct. Discipline-specific guidelines for comportment and behavior may also be required within certain professional fields.

For example, clinical, counseling, nursing, and similar disciplines clearly define expectations for comportment of their practicing professionals.  The accrediting bodies for these disciplines also require the university to teach, assess, and regulate appropriate professional conduct among Walden students preparing to enter these fields of practice.

If you are unsure if your program has specific guidelines related to professional comportment, contact your Student Success Advisor for guidance.