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PhD in Public Policy & Administration: Prospectus

Overview of the prospectus

Throughout the dissertation process, you are required to do more than just present research. You are required to evaluate critically and synthesize literature; identify a research problem, including the purpose of the study; craft arguments regarding the importance of your study; and describe the background of your topic and the research problem. Further, you are required to identify a theoretical framework; develop research questions; describe the nature of the study in terms of the research design and methodology; describe ethical research; and identify possible types and sources of information or data.  Finally, you are required to identify possible analytical strategies and explain the significance of the potential study and implications for positive social change. Knowing how to do each well is critical to being a scholar and to completing your proposal and then your dissertation.

Two of the most important components of the dissertation process are the prospectus, beginning with the premise, and the proposal, which comprises the first three chapters of five in your dissertation. In PPPA-8115 Writing a Quality Dissertation, you will develop your premise, followed by your prospectus. The prospectus provides the “blueprint” for your proposal, and, ultimately, your dissertation.

Faculty & alumni perspectives: prospectus

Walden faculty and alumni share their perspectives regarding the prospectus process.

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