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College of Nursing

Office of Field Experience

Office of Field Experience Website

Website: Contact Us


Phone: 1-800-925-3368

Live Chat: Live Chat with Field Experience Support staff through your student portal.

DNP Academic Program Director

Andrea Robertson, DHEd, MSN, RN:

DNP Academic Program Coordinator

Diane Whitehead, EdD, DNP, RN, ANEF:

Robert McWhirt, DNP, RN, NE-BC:

College of Nursing Administration

Dean for the College of Nursing

Tracy Slemp, APRN, DNP, MSN, FNP-BC:

Associate Dean for the College of Nursing


Students should begin their inquiry at the level at which their question is most likely to be answered. Delays in obtaining information may result if students inquire first from an administrator and then must be referred to a more appropriate resource person.

Note: Students should be familiar with the information in this manual and the Office of Field Experience website before contacting a College of Nursing Faculty Member or staff member for help.

Other Important Resources

Office of Certification, Licensure, and Compliance:


Phone: 612-312-1244

Student Success Advising Team

Student success advisors are available at 1-800-WALDENU (1-800-925-3368), Option 3, Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Central time. Students can also email advisors for the DNP program:

Career Planning and Development 

Walden’s Career Planning and Development Office can provide support to students needing to prepare for practicum and searching for a preceptorship.  The office has a variety of resources for professional preparation.  The Career Planning and Development website has a full range of resources for students to prepare for practicum.   

Academic Skills Center (OASIS) 

Walden’s Academic Skills Center (OASIS) provides students support and guidance for their successful academic journey.  The OASIS website has a full range of resources for students with academic skills.  

Office of Student Disability Services

The Office of Disability Services can be reached by phone at 855-229-0848 or email at For more information, visit the Office of Student Disability Services.

Customer Care Team: Technical Support Team

The Technical Support Team is available 24/7 via live chat and at 1-800-WALDENU (1-800-925-3368), Option 1. For more information, visit Technical Support webpage.

Student Assistance Program 

Find information about the Student Assistance Program on the Student Wellness and Disability Services website. 

Writing Support

Walden’s writing support staff members are available to answer questions about doctoral writing or APA Style. Students can contact Ask OASIS while enrolled in courses up to and including in the prospectus, the proposal, and project courses. Tutor or editor reviews may be scheduled using the Walden scheduling system. 

Writing support also contains links to a host of resources crucial to scholarly work, including courses, guides, and reviews. Writing is a key element of scholarly practice and of the DNP role, and these resources have proven extremely useful for DNP students. 

One link in particular that is indispensable for all DNP Projects, is the DNP Project Template, which provides an APA format template to help students write their DNP Project proposals and final project papers. 

Visit the Writing Support website for more information on these resources and to view the full range of services offered. 

Office of Research and Doctoral Services

The Office of Research and Doctoral Services website contains links to many valuable resources that will aid and support scholarly work throughout the DNP program. DNP forms can be found on the center’s DNP Doctoral Study page. 

DNP Program Forms: This page contains links to the following (and other) documents, all of which are important to understanding and navigating the proposal and final project paper development and evaluation process.