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Quick Answers: Publish the Answer

Change the answer status:

Once the topics and keywords are added, it is time to publish the answer.

Verify the answer

Before proceeding with publishing the answer, go through the Quick Answers Checklist.  This will ensure that you have met all the required standards for the answer.

Quick Answers Checklist

Unpublished Answers

In the past, Unpublished Quick Answers were available via URL. This is no longer true. Unpublished Quick Answers are only available to someone with edit access to that Quick Answer. We are working on changes to publishing workflows now that we can no longer share Unpublished Quick Answers with approvers.

Change status to Published

To set the status as published:

  1. Click the Change Status button.
  2. Select Published from the Current Status drop-down menu.
  3. Click the Save button.

Note: You can change the status of the answer on a particular date by selecting the Schedule a status change box and filling out the required information.


You are done!