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Quick Answers: How to add a table


Tables are useful for organizing and displaying both complex text and images. 

See Best Practices: Tables for information on effective use of tables.

Add a table

To add a table to your answer:

  1. Click the table icon in the rich text toolbar. 

  2. Enter the appropriate number of rows and columns.
  3. Delete any content in the Width and Height fields and set the appropriate percentages, if needed.
  4. If creating a data table, use the Headers drop-down to select the header fields.

Data Tables: Header Information & Read Order

  1. Until the cell spacing/cell padding bugs are fixed:
  • set the Cell spacing to 0
  • delete all content from the cell padding
  1. Enter the appropriate border size. The standard is 1.
  2. Select the appropriate Alignment.  The standard is left.
  3. Enter the Caption. If creating a data table, a caption must be included.

Table Captions

  1. Enter a Summary, if desired.
  2. Click the OK button.

These settings...

make this table.







Table size

In Quick Answers, you set the width of the table using percentages in the width field.  The width of the table is in relation to the overall answer space, not the content within the table.

By using percentages in the width field instead of a pixel count, the table is responsive when resized on different devices.


For example:

width=100%: the table will span the entire Quick Answer.

width=50%; the table will span half the Quick Answer