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Curriculum Vitae Guide: Contact Information

Contact Information

Contact information should appear at the top of the c.v. document in a format such as:

Name, Highest Degree Earned

Street Address

City, State Zip Code



Additional formatting tips:

Name:  Include first name, middle initial, and last name. 

Highest degree earned: List your highest degree completed after your name.  

Address: Include street address, city, state, and zip code.

Telephone: List a telephone number including area code. 

Email: List a professional-sounding email address or Walden email.

Tip: You may also want to add a link to your LinkedIn profile, Chronicle Vitae page, career portfolio, or professional website to further showcase your brand.  Refer to the following sites to build your online presence:
Chronicle Vitae

Important note for doctoral students:

You should not include amended forms of a degree (e.g., PhD-C or PhD (c)) next to your name to indicate partial completion of your program, nor should you use ABD (all-but-dissertation).  These designations are not accepted credentials, and using them may confuse others, including prospective employers.  Also, these amended forms are not recognized by Walden University. 

Learn more about how to list your academic credentials.

Would you like to view sample Contact Information sections?  Visit SkillsFirst for curriculum vitae samples.