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Curriculum Vitae Guide: Experience


Your Experience section lists your current and past positions:



Job Title                                                                                                  YEAR to Present

Name of Employer, City of Employer, State of Employer                          

Brief Description of Job Duties/Accomplishments


Additional formatting tips:

Positions should be listed in reverse chronological order (most recent job first).

Provide brief but detailed descriptions of your job responsibilities, using action verbs to describe skills and accomplishments.

Tip: If your experience spans multiple fields or you would like to emphasize certain positions over others, you can subdivide this section into 2-3 separate sections.  Here are a few section titles to consider: 

Professional Experience
Teaching Experience
Consulting Experience
Clinical Experience
Management/Leadership Experience
Other Experience

Important note for doctoral students

If you are applying for a higher ed position and have previous teaching experience, consider adding a Teaching Experience section.  Courses you taught can be included in this section or listed in a separate Courses Taught section.


Would you like to view sample Experience sections?  Visit SkillsFirst for curriculum vitae samples.