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Office of Student Research Administration: Welcome

Office of Student Research Administration

The Office of Student Research Administration coordinates the capstone processes for students and their committees. On this page you will find needed information and documents for the theses, dissertations, and doctoral studies.

Weekly Term Plan for Doctoral Students

In response to student and faculty suggestions and after looking at our data regarding doctoral student capstone milestones, we are happy to provide updates to the term plan to improve doctoral student progress and program completion. Please use the appropriate form below, as determined by your Program’s term length.

Changes to CV Requirements

From time to time, a university must look at its traditions and historic practices to see if they align with the world around it. Toward that end, the academic community recently reviewed the requirement for a curriculum vitae (CV) as part of the doctoral capstone document. Given the fact that better ways to keep that type of information current and public are available, coupled with the challenge of protecting the anonymity of participants in some research projects, this requirement was seen as no longer tenable or necessary for our graduates.  


Therefore, effective March 1, 2015, a CV will no longer be a requirement for a doctoral capstone at Walden University. Doctoral candidates who complete a capstone document prior to March 1, 2015 may opt to keep the CV in the final document. After that point, if a capstone study reaches the Form and Style Review stage with a CV, the form and style editors will delete it and comment that they have done so. The Writing Center and the Office of Student Research Administration are both updating their documents and templates, accordingly. 


Please note that, although a CV will not be required for your capstone, you may still wish to develop one. A CV is still the top application format required for academic positions in teaching and research. Additionally, you may also want to develop a LinkedIn profile, which both academic and non-academic employers commonly use as a screening tool.  The Career Services Center offers many resources to support students in developing their CV’s, LinkedIn profiles, and electronic portfolios to house career and academic artifacts.


Questions related to formatting your final capstone document can be referred to the Academic Skills Center tutoring staff

Prospectus Quick Links

Quick Links to prospectus-stage resources for doctoral students.

Writing Support

Visit the Walden Writing Center’s Doctoral Capstone Form and Style Page for the capstone
Preproposal Starter Kit, SMRT guides, APA guidance, and more! You can even make a paper review appointment to get
writing feedback on your prospectus draft.

Library Support

If you need help researching your problem, broadening or narrowing your topic, or searching the
literature, visit the Walden Library pages: Decide on a Topic, Choosing Your Topic, or schedule a LIBRARY appointment,
which allows you to have a one-on-one session with a librarian in your subject area to brainstorm and develop effective
research strategies for your capstone. You may also wish to bookmark the Library’s Guide to Capstone Literature Reviews
which will help as you collect your literature.

Methodology Support for Students

Make a one-on-one doctoral research appointment with a CRQ statistics
tutor for assistance with data analysis, SPSS, or interpretation of results. Attend Quantitative or Qualitative Methodology
Office Hours with questions related to research methodology (e.g., research design, collecting data, analyzing data,
writing up results).