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ASC Success Strategies: Ensuring Academic Integrity

Ensuring Academic Integrity Overview

Walden is committed to upholding high standards of academic integrity. The resources below will help you to understand Walden's policies and will provide access to resources (i.e., Turnitin) as you progress through your studies.

Academic Skills is in the process of building its ensuring academic integrity resources and tutorials. To help us better understand what sort of areas you'd like us to focus on, please complete this form. In doing so, you'll be helping us build future resources.

CAEX 3100/3101

This 4-week course is intended for students who want to develop a better understanding of how to read, summarize, quote, and paraphrase texts following APA guidelines. Grad students on the quarter system should take 3100 (1.5 cr.). Grad students on the semester system should take 3101 (1 cr.). Undergrads should take 3100U (1.5 cr.).

E-mail your Student Success Advisor for more information and to enroll!