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Getting Started

Sometimes, we just need some simple things to get us started. Here are number strategies that you can do today, to become more engaged in research.

Participate in an Existing Study  

Nothing builds good research karma like participating in research. Doing so also provides you a better understanding of what you may be asking others to do. Start by registering with the Walden Participant Pool 


Set-Up a Google Scholar Alert 

If are actively developing a research proposal, you are likely already using this service. If you need a nudge or want to stay current, a Google Scholar Alert will deliver the most recent publications around your search terms, directly into your inbox. Here’s a quick start guide. 


Get on Twitter 

Even if you never tweet, a Twitter account allows you to follow your professional groups, your favorite researchers, potential funding agencies, and/or some key hash tags. You should certainly add @WaldenResearch as a resource.  

Watch a Webinar 

Beyond the literally thousands of YouTube videos that support the research process in some way, almost every academic center at Walden has recorded webinars that relate to some aspect of research, including the ORDS, the Library, and the Career Center. 


Get Your ORCiD ID  

This 16-digit, open source, persistent identifier is like a social security number for researchers and professionals in the creative arts.  

Clean Up Your Hard Drive 

Admit it, you have a folder of random PDFs that you have kept because you “might want it later”. Now is later, and you might be surprised by what nuggets you might find. Your Google Alert will also point you towards many articles, etc. So, if you don’t have one, get a bibliography management program like Zotero or Mendeley. 


Phone a Friend 

The successful “lone wolf” researcher is largely a myth, and research shows that collaboration produces stronger research outcomes.  


Just Want to Talk?  

We are now offering research engagement consulting for individuals who need some added support. If that support involves getting started, fill out our application and we will set up a time to talk.  


Research Engagement Consultation

We recognize that both new researchers and experienced researchers may struggle with challenges such as the logistics of simply getting started, finding support for their efforts (including grants), navigating the approvals needed to conduct their research, networking with other researchers, developing a research agenda, and/or disseminating their findings. Consequently, we offer an individualized consultation service to members of our academic community who want to be more engaged in their own research but may have logistical questions or need some added support.

Just want to talk about your research? We can do that too!

After you complete this short in-take form, we will triage your request, and you will be directed to the individual, program, or service that seems to fit your need.

NOTE: If you are a current student and have found you way to this application, we have many people, services, and programs devoted specifically to supporting you. Please reach out to your academic advisor, your course instructor, your chair, or visit our website: Office of Research and Doctoral Services

Research Engagement Consultation

For Faculty/Staff Only