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Research Resources: Walden University Participant Pool

What is the Participant Pool?

The Participant Pool is a virtual bulletin board that connects researchers to participants. Walden researchers can post their studies on the site and those members of the Walden community who are interested in participating in research can visit the site to see if there are any studies in which they would like to participate. It is a great resource not only for researchers, as it provides access to a very diverse community, but also to participants as they have the opportunity to learn about research in general in addition to seeing the research being done by students and faculty within the university.

The following self-paced tutorial provides an overview of the Participant Pool, explaining how both participants, and researchers can use the site:    

Posting a Study

To access the site as a researcher: Researchers interested in posting a study on the Participant Pool website should e-mail for additional information. Students can also seek preliminary approval to use the participant pool while working on their proposal to ascertain if this would be an acceptable approach. To pursue preliminary approval to use the site, please complete the following application and submit to


Application to Place a Study on the Participant Pool Website

Signing up for a Study

To access the site as a participant: Either click on the following link, or copy and paste it into your Web browser address bar: This will take you to the login page, where you will see a "Request Account" button which can be clicked to begin setting up a participant account.